Speed in fictionEdit

Speed in anime, manga, mahnwa, and other fictions usually works the same as in real life, and it is as important as any other stat, here are speed measurements based on this:

Speed of sound, Speed of light and mach speedsEdit

The speed of sound is 343 meters per second, being several times faster than a humans movements, a human can actually lose sight of things moving considerably slower than the speed of sound from close range. Mach speeds are simply the multiplication of the speed of sound, mach 1 = sound speed, mach 2 = sound speed x 2, mach 3 = sound speed x 3 and succesively.

The speed of light is aproximately 874,500 times faster than the speed of sound (will post the exact number later), anything moving at relativistic speeds (10% the speed of light or above) gathers enough mass around them to do incredible damage, however, the law of relativity is usually ignored in fiction.

Speed of lightningEdit

Speed tiersEdit

  • Human*

5 - 9mps

  • Peak human*

9.1 - 13mps

  • Above human*

13.1 - 39mps

  • SuperHuman*

39.1 - 99.9mps

  • SuperHuman+*

100 - 199.9mps

  • Sub-sonic*

200 - 343.2mps

  • Sound speed*

343.3mps (mach 1)

  • Supersonic*

343+mps (mach 1+ - mach 2.9)

  • Supersonic+*

mach 3 - mach 4.9

  • Hypersonic*

mach 5 - mach 10

  • Hypersonic+*

mach 10+ - mach 29.9

  • Massively hypersonic*

mach 30 - mach 99.9

  • Massively hypersonic+ (3 digits)*

mach 100 - mach ---

  • Faster than lightning*
  • Massively hypersonic+ (4 digits)*

mach 1000 - mach 9999.9

  • Massively Hypersonic+ (5 digits)*

mach 10000 - mach ----- (aprox. 87500)

  • Relativistic*

mach - mach (10% - 50% of lightspeed)

  • Relativistic + (near lightspeed)*

mach - mach (51% - 99.9% of lightspeed)

  • Lightspeed*
  • FTL (faster than light)
  • FTL+*
  • MFTL (massively faster than light)*
  • MFTL+*
  • Instant / infinite speed*

Types of speedEdit

Most people tend to bunch up all speed as one thing, however, it is false there is only one type of speed. In reality there are several types of speeds, normally 3-4 diferent types of speed in a single being, potentially more, the diferent types of speed are: combat, travel, reaction and attack, here are there descriptions:

Combat / battle speed:Edit

Combat speed is the most common type of speed, basically how many movements you can do per second and at what pace you can keep up a fight, example, Roshi and Krillin having a fight in 1 second in the martial arts wourld tournament, Dark Schneider and Uriel doing millions upon millions of attacks per second during there fight.

Travel speed:Edit

Travel speed is used to measure how fast someone can move from place to place, like Sailor Moon characters who can travel across the galaxy in mere moments, a normal ship for example posses this (and only this) kind of speed, because travel speed is the measurement of how long it takes for some to trasladate.

Reaction speed:Edit

How fast someone can perceive and react, for example, "certain man has normal human speed, yet he for some reason can see lightning and do a movement before it hits him", normally someone that can dodge lightning would be able to do thousands of movements per second, however that man can not, yet he still was able to see it and do something, that is reaction speed.

Attack speed:Edit

A simply defined speed: how fast an attack moves, for example, if a normal human throws real lightning, that human still only has normal human speed, but his attack moves as fast as lightning, in other words, attack speed.

Teleportation and speedEdit