Physical Strength: Class 100+ (Traded blows with and won against Hercules who casually threw 4 mountain sized Titans into orbit, casually cuts hill sized buildings, and can overpower Lexaeus, who is physically the strongest in Organization XIII. Was able to knock a giant Heartless to the ground with no trouble while in the form of a lion cub), Multiple times stonger through the use of Drive Forms.

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ ((as fast as lightning)), (can fight on even terms with Larxene who is the speed of lightning, is as fast as or faster than Ven and Vanitas who are fast enough to leave tangible afterimages and slow down time around them. Also dodged hundreds of lasers from all directions. Speed is multiplied in his Drive Forms)

Destructive Capability: With the Keyblade, he has the choice to potentially destroy the Universe (not in busting terms, but can wreak apocalyptic havoc across the worlds). Likely Mountain - Multi-Mountain level due to being physically stronger than Hercules and Lexaeus by KH2 and having an extremely wide array of magic and physical abilities, all which can be multiplied via Drive Forms.

Durability: No feats in particular, other than taking hits from Lexaeus (the hits were so forceful that just launching Sora into the ground caused the ground to rip apart).


Ars Arcanum - Sora uses a powerful 13 hit combo by using the power of light.

Sonic Blade - Sora darts around at sonic speeds while stabbing with his Keblade.

Strike Raid - Sora chucks his Keyblade at the opponent several times. He can spellblade his Keyblade with magic, giving him the power to even Stop any enemy who hits it in time.

Ragnarok - Sora shoots a full salvo of laser shots that home in on enemies.

Trinity Limit - Sora's ultimate Limit. Sora summons an insigna on the floor along with 5 orbs of light around him. Sora then makes the area around him explode in a huge explosion of light, and anything around him except allies are destroyed.

Magic - Sora's magic extends from the elements, to spacetime manipulation, to light and darkness manipulation, to even using Limit Breaks such as Blasting Zone, Meteorain and Megaflare

Drive Forms: Sora can transform into more powerful forms using his clothes:

Valor Form - This multiplies Sora's strength and speed by 1.5 and allows him jump even higher than he already can.

Wisdom Form - This multiplies Sora's magic power and speed by 1.5, replaces his physical attacks with energy shots and allows him to briefly dart at a fast speed.

Master Form - This multiplies everything by 2, gives him the ability to summon a literally endless flurry of lightning bolts, gives him a big advantage in airbourne battle, and allows him to jump continuously midair.

Final Form - This maximizes Sora's potential, allows him to fly, telekinetically control his Keyblades into attacking his enemies and is massively stronger than any of his former Drives

Weakness: He's rendered virtually helpless if he has no Keyblade, but this has been bypassed since he learnt how to summon the Keyblade to himself and his magic training with Merlin. Not very smart outside of battle.

Stamina: Took out 1000 Heartless and a member of the Organization solo without tiring, had to take on Ansem, half of his Heartless battleship and save Donald & Goofy on his own without tiring out.

Endurance: Resisted having his life force drained by Xemnas.

Intelligence: Basic battle smarts, can usually adapt his attacks into any situation (in Reaction Commands).