Goku / Kakarrot

Dragon BallEdit

Physical Strength: Class 100+ (likely in the low thousands)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (mach 20 - 25)

Destructive Capacity: Island+

Durability: Multi island (Has tanked island wipers with little damage, etc.)

Intelligence: Somewhat of a battle Genius ( Can copy an attack after viewing or defending against it, as seen against master roshi at the world tournament)

Abilities: Energy projection, ki, able to transform into a giant ape during full moon (before his tail was cut off), high martial arts ability, able to jump very high, super strength, speed, and durability

Dragon Ball Z

Super Saiyan


Physical Strength: Class 100+ (likely in the billions of tons range when in his SSJ forms, was smashing small islands by throwing Frieza into them with physical attacks before obtaining SSJ)

Speed: Relativistic with Possible FTL Reactions

Destructive Capacity: Solar System+, potentially multi solar system (Cell Claimed that he could blow up the solar system, Using powerscailing from that statement would put most high tier characters after cell saga at solar system + to multi solar system)

Durability: At least multi planet (easily more durable than Freeza who survived a planet exploding while so weakened he couldn't move)

Intelligence: Battle Genius (Can see a weakness in an opponent rather quickly and will use that to his advantage, has gained years worth of experience since first part of the series)

Abilities: Flight, energy projection, several ki attacks, teleportation, super strength, speed, and durability