Physical strength: Superhuman+ in base, Class 100+ in any other (Sage mode and 4 tails Kyubi forms in the thousands, 6 tails Kyubi forms and above in the millions, chakra controlled mode at least in the thousands as well)

Speed: supersonic in base, Hypersonic+ in sage mode, hypersonic+ in chakra controlled mode, Hypersonic+ in Bijuu mode

Destructive Capacity: Multi city block, potentially multi hill (super odama rasengan was stated to be able to hollow out mountains, showed to be able to do several at the same time when fighting the Kyubi), Town+ In KN4, mountain+ in 6 - 8 tail Kyubi form, Town+ In Chakra mode, Multi-Mountain+(Matched 5 bijuu alone) to Island level(Contributed a bunch when charging super tailed beast bomb with Killer Bee)

Durability: Large Building+ in base, City Block+ in Sage, Multi-City block in Chakra mode(Took a hit from raikage), Multi-mountain+ in Bijuu Mode 

Intelligence: Low, but has battle smarts and is an experienced fighter