Kenshiro 1680x1050


Physical Strength: Class 100+ (Likely in the range of hundreds of thousands of tons, Casually lifted a huge boulder and throws it on top of the enemy)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Casually dodges a cross bow bolt from boint blank range, catches a bolt andsends it back)

Destructive Capacity: At least large Building+ (Likely much higher, He took down a Building sized opponent with ease, Can tap into a void of nothingness and become intangible (Musou Tensei), destroying matter just by passing through it)

Durability: Multi city Block

Intelligence: Battle genius, has mastered the art of Hokuto Shinken, he can learn a technique and execute it after seeing it, he can mimick animal cries.


- Can use a wide range of techniques that attack pressure points, this is just one.

- You can't ever suprise or sneak up on kenshiro

-more soon-