Frieza coloured by kingvegito


Strength: Class 100+ (At a portion of his strength at final form he was stronger than Goku, who had enough physical strength to kick him through a small island destroying it)

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ ((4 digit) (mach 6000+, faster than a Kaio-ken x10 Goku who would be around mach 1500 bare minimum and who would be at minimum sensical values be at least mach 3000)

Destructive Capacity: Casually planet+, potentially multi-planet (At 0.4% full power he destroyed a planet with 10x earths gravity, which was likely multi-earth level even at a core-bust)

Durability: Multi planet (In a state so weakened he couldn't even move, he survived a planet exploding)

Intelligence: He's a tactical genius, his only downsides are he doesnt know how to sense power levels, so at times it's hard to find his opponent, also arrogant

Suppressed Freeza island-level strength