Dark Schneider, D.S

Dark Schneider (Base)

Physical Strength: At least in the millions of tons range by the end of the first arc (Casually punched Konron and split the ground in the process, Could lift up Omega Abigail who was competing with a 100,000 golem earlier in the fight) / At least in the quintillions of tons range during his fight with Konron (around Konron's lvl of strength, who could generate power equivalent to an atomic bomb with his punches) / At least in the sextillions tons range in Majin form / At least septillions of tons range in DKL (should be able to destroy the planet with his strength going by scaling)

Speed: FTL+ (A Seraph is faster than light and couldnt see D.S blitz Konron and they have FTL travel speeds and reaction speeds)

Destructive Capacity: Planet level (Black Sabbath if unrestrained could destroy the world)

Durability: Continent+ (blocked an attack with the power of an atomic bomb with the tip of his finger)

Intelligence: Genius, can see through many illusions and weaknesses, Has a good grasp of ancient elvish, only a few people across the universe know this language.


Dark Schneider (Majin)

  • Please note that in his Majin form all his stats are increased millions of times*

Physical Strength: 100+ Tons (Easily into the billions of tons, seeing as his Majin form increases all his stats by the millions, likely in the trillions of tons range)

Speed: MFTL (Was exchanging & countering millions of blows a second with Uriel)

Destructive Capacity: Potentially galaxy (The Judas Pain has enough power to destroy a galaxy, He was shattering dimensions in his fightwith Uriel)

Durability: Galaxy (Was exchanging blows with Uriel, someone who also has the power to destroy a galaxy, He survived the clash between his and Uriels attack that destroyed the "Black Abyss", Regeneration and his dispell bounds make him nearly impossible to kill, you also have to destroy his physical body, astral body Eternal atoms and his soul to beat him)

Intelligence: See the above


Dark Schneider (Dragon Knight Lucifer)

* Coming soon


Dark Schneider (Adam of Darkness)

  • Coming soon



Dark Schneider (Base):

Venom: An attack that summons destructive bacteria that breaks down all the organic matter within a target, reducing the foe to mush

Exodus: DS gathers intensly hot temperatures around his body and charges into the enemy, the temperature of this attack is 20,000 degrees C in base form, with the judas pain it's power is multiplied several million times, with this attack DS destroyed the strongest fire elemental Efreet.

Halloween: Dark Schneider opens the gates to hell and releases a tremendous blast of energy. It is easily powerful enough to destroy much of a small city and fry entire armies.

Black Sabbath: A forbidden spell in High Ancient Magic, it traps its target inside a spellbound, and heats up to a million degrees Celsius before sending it to another dimension. In Majin form with the Judas Pain "several million times" multiplier, this spell will reach temperatures well in excess of one trillion degrees C.

ManO'War: Dark Schneider summons a dragon to destroy his enemies.

Crow Bar: A thirteen-layered imprisoning spell that exorcises the power out of demons. If the demon tries to escape the spell can destroy its soul.

Majin Dark Schneider:

DarkKain: A tremendous blast of Dark Energy that cut through Konron with ease and seemed to blacken the area.

Judas Priest: A powerful attack that attacks the eternal atoms of its target. It destroys both the physical body, the soul, and the astral body of the target, erasing it from existence.

Dragon Knight Lucifer:

Demolition Gunner: A tremendously powerful beam of energy from the Dragon Knight Lucifer. It clashed with Uriel's blast and destroyed the Black Abyss as a side-effect

Giran Ira: Dark Schneider creates a black hole to counter powerful enemy attacks, sucking them into a different dimension.

Loudness All Guns Blazing: Dark Schneider opens the Dragon Knight Lucifer's nine elemental furnaces and combines them into a series of powerful beams. This was strong enough to break through Uriel's Dispel Bound.

Light Wings Breaker: Dark Schneider takes the Dragon Knight Lucifer to the sky and utilizes dimensional separation. This ability shattered the negative space that Uriel's black hole storm occupied. (This also shows that Dark Schneider quite easily can react in a tenth of a second(0.1)

Bloodstone: Creates a cursed space that returns damage inflicted on Dark Schneider with equal and proportional intensity to the attacker.