Cloud Strife

Physical Strength:

Class 100+ (was able to slam a city block sized dragon into the ground, tore through pipes/wires containing enough energy to destroy a city with just one of his swords (the main blade of the 6-part Fusion Sword) and was able to damage AC Sephiroth,who was essentially Jenova at the time (Jenova survived crashing into the Planet like a meteor with enough force to leave a gargantuan crater).

Speed: Faster than lightning (mach 300+), (casually dodged multiple bolts of lightning, timed lightning in the Whirlwind Maze, was able to blitz Sephiroth using Omnislash V.6, literally had his afterimages attacking Sephiroth).

Destructive Capacity: Likely country+ (Easily stronger than Sephiroth who cut through a cannon with multi-city level durability, and was able to get past Sephiroth's continental durability)

Endurance: Fought for half a day against AC Spehiroth.


Cloud survived this continental blast from Northern Crater

Durability: Continent (survived a blast that destroyed the Northern Crater, and said blast left a hole to the center

of the planet, took numerous slashes from Sephiroth, who causually cut of Jenova's head and sliced through the Sister Ray's Cannon with shockwaves in CC.)

Intelligence: High, very good at making battle strategies


Blade Beam - Can shoot a wave of spirit energy from his sword.

Climhazzard - Cloud augments his sword with spirit energy and attacks with a powerful uppercut slash. This move was used to kill Bahamut SIN in FF: AC.

Meteorain - Cloud summons small comets to barrage his enemies.

Finishing Touch - Cloud augments his sword with spirit energy and rapidly spins around to attack (in FFVII, Cloud whipped up a tornado). This was used to defeat Kadaj in AC.

Omnislash/V6 - Cloud's ultimate attack. Cloud engulfs himself in spirit energy and attacks with 14 powerful slashes, with the 15th being the most powerful. The improved version, V6, involves Cloud blitzing the opponent from every direction with his 6 swords, then another several times by the afterimages he creates while using it, and then one final time from above, making the spirit energy culminated explode. Both of them were used to kill Sephiroth.

Weakness: Virtually no self esteem, can be mind controlled fairly easily (however this is most likely because of the Jenova cells in him that allows Sephiroth to screw with him).