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-Base: Class 10+

-Super Sonic: Class 100+ (Capable of destroying zones by punches)

-Ultra Sonic: Unkown

Destructive Capability:

-Base: Multi moon (Destroyed multiple moons at finger point)

-Super Sonic: Multiverse+ (Destroyed a universal to multiversal sized zone by his punches shockwave, stronger than Mogul who crushed multiverses in his hands with a small portion of Enerjak's power, even with Enerjak.)

-Ultra Sonic: Unknown

Sonic double light speed

Base Sonic casually moving double lightspeed

-Base: Casually double lightspeed, has two instances of instant/infinite speed. (Has moved so fast time stopped, he risks getting stuck in this state when he does this.) Also traveled nearly all of the Cosmic Interstate in hours, which a small portion of it is 148,000 light years long.

-Super Sonic: 1000X faster than base

-Ultra Sonic: Unknown


Base: Multi-moon

Super Sonic: Multiverse+ (Survived a universal to multiversal zone and dimension exploding in his face with no shown physical damage. Tanked hits from Mogul who has destroyed Multiverses in his hands. Stalemated Enerjak.)

Ultra Sonic: Unknown

Intelligence: Naive, but always finds a ways to beat an opponent.